UBELONG : A social venture that mobilizes individuals to advance international development efforts and aims to promote cross-cultural understanding. They use a bottom-up approach to identify local development challenges and help mobilize the necessary resources to allow people to work together to reach common goals. It contributes to organic agriculture efforts, helps on ecotourism initiatives and promotes green waste management.

SAELAO : A community project based just outside of Vang Vieng, that seeks to address the current ecological imbalance through a series of sustainable projects. They minimize the use of natural resources and use environmentally friendly methods (e.g. biogas, permaculture) to promote and set the standard for sustainable tourism not only for Vang Vieng but for the World.

VANG VIENG ORGANIC FARM : Laos first organic farm that’s main goal is to introduce organic farming methods in an area where chemicals and deforestation are ruining the land. They also want to lead by example, showing that organic methods could be profitable as well as healthy. They assist the local people through community projects supported by the profits from The Farm.

LAAT LAOS LEREN (Let Laos Learn): A nonprofit association with the goal of education and education-related projects to expand existing initiatives or support in Laos. LLL has funded and continues to fund EEFA and its projects.

LAOS EDUCATION PROJECT (L.A.O.S) : Also known as the Lao Academic Opportunity Scheme aims to support free English and Computer classes to villagers in Vang Vieng. They firmly believe that education is the only way to escape poverty.


PHOUDINDAENG YOUTH CENTER: The Phoudindaeng Youth Center has played important roles in providing opportunities for personal growth, life-long education and formation of leadership skills. EEFA works in partnership with Phoudindaeng Youth Center in teaching English in extracurricular classes and computer classes.