Our values

EEFA, as a community, deeply believes in following 5 values:

DIVERSITY : the living together of people with different cultures, nationalities, ethnicities, religious beliefs, ages, genders, sexual orientations, educational, technical and socio-economic backgrounds promotes peace and is a unique opportunity to benefit in a creative and constructive manner, technically and philosophically, individually and collectively, from all these differences.

CONTINUOUS LEARNING : life is a constant experience and our community should encourage continuous learning and support people in gaining new knowledge and new skills out of respect for their legitimate, intrinsic aspiration to self-fulfilment.

CONSTANT IMPROVEMENT : we do not have the illusion nor the arrogance to think that everything we do is perfect, despite our efforts to do our best. We identify our mistakes or insufficient results and see them as opportunities to learn from them and to improve our next actions.

ACCOUNTABILITY : a lot of people trust us. Our students, their families, our volunteers, our partners. This trust gives us first and foremost the responsibility to protect the people who believe in us, to conduct our actions to their best interest, with the highest level possible of integrity and in complete transparency.

FUN : we believe that fun is a very sane and essential component of life and of social interaction. Fun gives strength to address challenges, it reduces monotony and conflicts, it provides good memories, creates a pleasant atmosphere and contributes to happiness. Our community aims to have fun together, while fulfilling its mission according to high ethical standards.

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