Mission statement

The Mission of EEFA is to raise durably[1] the capacity of the local population[2] to understand and methodically[3] address environmental, health and development challenges[4] by providing, for free[5] and without any discrimination[6], knowledge[7] , skills[8] and assistance in project management[9] .

durably : the action of EEFA must be positive and lasting. To achieve this, EEFA not only provides knowledge and skills to local primary beneficiaries, but also focuses on training its direct audience to implement locally the newly gained knowledge and skills, and to transmit the knowledge and skills to further members of the local population (next generations of beneficiaries).

local population : primarily addressed are the villages Ban Nathong, Nasom, Phone Ngeun and Phoodindaeng in Vang Vieng District. In the course of its evolution, EEFA will address more and more villages within the district of Vang Vieng and will focus on the poor rural areas of the district.

methodically : EEFA provides trainings in project management to help the local population identify the needs, define project concepts for sustainable solutions, plan actions, manage resources (time, people, money), manage risks, obtain support and guidance from the authorities and NGOs, and evaluate and learn from the implementation.

challenges : in the course of its development, the population of the district of Vang Vieng tends to focus only on short-term, immediate economic growth and financial gain, without considering long-term damages for environment, health and culture. EEFA has the mission to raise awareness for these dangers and to provide alternative, sustainable solutions.

for free : the fundamental commitment of EEFA to fairness and equality implies that the activities of EEFA are free for the local population. In particular, access to knowledge and skills provided by EEFA cannot occur in exchange of money, otherwise only the wealthiest members of the local population would benefit from new knowledge and skills and EEFA would hereby strengthen or even increase social inequality. 

without any discrimination : the fundamental commitment of EEFA to fairness and equality implies that EEFA focuses on reducing inequality between gender and between ethnicities by providing access to its activities to all and by promoting mutual respect.

knowledge : EEFA organizes thematic workshops for the local population and includes in the EEFA General English Program lessons raising awareness for sustainable development topics.

skills : EEFA organizes thematic trainings including sessions of practical implementation of project management, computer, organic gardening and farming, health and nutrition, and social competence.

assistance in project management : EEFA assists the local population during the conceptualisation, implementation and evaluation of community projects which increase the sustainability of the local way of life and of its development.

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