Our Code of Ethics

There is no right way to do a wrong thing.

The 5 Fundamental Ethical Commitments of EEFA

1 – The Respect for the Individual

Each member of EEFA is a respected individual and, in turn, rejects any kind of discrimination, especially based on gender, administrative nationality, biological race, sociological ethnicity, religious beliefs, political beliefs, physical and mental illness, age, health condition, sexual orientation, gender identity and economic situation. Additionally, respecting each individual demands full commitment to the physical and psychological safety of adults and children alike, and to the protection of their development.

2 – The Respect for the Lao Country

Each member of EEFA respects the local authorities, policies, laws and regulations of the Lao PDR, values and strives to protect the local culture and rejects any kind of political, ideological, religious and cultural proselytism.

3 – The Respect for our Mission

All resources of the association are exclusively reserved for sustainable development in Lao PDR, in particular in Vang Vieng district, through programs, expenses and investments beneficial in the short and long term to the community and not just to one or a few individuals. Specific programs (EEFA Internship Program, EEFA Scholarship Program,…), which are beneficial to a limited number of individuals with outstanding skills, rely on fair and objective selection processes and support, in the long term, the sustainable development of the community through the impact these beneficiaries have or will have on the community.

4 – The Respect for the Environment

Each member of EEFA will protect the environment by using natural resources carefully, striving for the lowest possible level of pollution, contributing minimally to non-recyclable waste and by actively raising awareness of environmental issues.

5 – The Respect for our Contributors

EEFA rejects any kind of bribery and operates a transparent and accurate accounting system. EEFA endeavours to identify and resolve all potential conflicts of interest.  EEFA implements and protects an organisational structure which separates higher decision-making and management of the financial resources. We maintain a standard of reporting that is regular, bidirectional and public.

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