Equal Education For All (EEFA) provides non-formal education to fight poverty and give local children a chance to improve their employability and skill level. With EEFA as a recognised qualification, the local children stand a better chance of getting the jobs they desire and entering into University.

Currently EEFA is in much need of a long term (a year and longer)  staff member to find funding and managing ongoing projects.

This is not an ordinary office job! Helping to ensure the on-going operation of EEFA involves coordinating with the local community as well as the executive board members and getting to know the children that we teach.

The beautiful surroundings, friendly local people and enthusiastic volunteers will inevitably help you to fall in love with the place.

There are many talented, dedicated and enthusiastic young people in the area who are eager to learn and have been attending the EEFA centre for years. Help us to ensure that they continue to have somewhere to learn and help us in the coming year to expand our organisation and help even more children in the VangVieng district get a better education.

For this position we are asking a one year minimum commitment. As the project is entirely funded by donations, the position will be paid a small amount for expenses, however, food and accommodation will be provided.

If you are interested please send an answer to the email address provided below.


Sengkeo Frichitthavong

EEFA board member