About EEFA

Equal Education For All (EEFA) is a non-profit effort begun in 2007 by Ward Reekmans, a volunteer from Belgium, and Thanongsi Solangkoun, the owner of the Vang Vieng Organic Farm (www.laofarm.org) that provides educational opportunities to local youth in Vang Vieng. EEFA achieved Association status (Association #0151) in 2011.

EEFA currently provides 34 free English classes per week in four Vang Vieng villages: Phoudindaeng, Pakpo, Viengsamai, and Nathong. These classes are taught by local and foreign volunteers. In addition to teaching English, EEFA supports local schools by building schools, retrofitting classrooms, and providing teaching resources and materials. 


EEFA believes that in order to improve the system we must start by improving it locally. We believe in building from the bottom up one village at a time.

Additionally, we aim to create leadership within the community so that locals become leaders and teachers. Our hope is to become strong and talented enough so that locals will not have to be dependent on volunteers.

EEFA’s staff consist primarily of unpaid volunteers, with the exception of one member. The following people are the principal staff members at EEFA:

Thanongsi Solangkoun: President  
Thanongsi, also known as “Mr.T”, is one of the co-founders of EEFA. He is also the founder of the Vang Vieng Organic Farm. Mr. T wanted to do more than just establish a farm and began initiating projects to help the local people where he became intimately involved in education projects.

Sengkeo Frichittavong: Vice president and General Coordinator
A founder of SAELAO Project and co-founder of EEFA, is responsible for the development in Vang Vieng West. He coordinates the volunteers, is the project manager of building sites Vang Vieng West,  mentor students in Vang Vieng West, and substitute teaches in Vang Vieng West.


Indonesia+EEFA Boards 435

Bouasavanh Soukhalivong: Board Member

Freshly Retire Teacher end of 2015 from Viengxay Primary School. He is EEFA Treasury  responsible keeping the transparency of EEFA association and also responsible for making rules for Education of EEFA.


Indonesia+EEFA Boards 431Boun Oum Frichitthavong: Board Member                                                                         

Retire Teacher from Viengchan High school, Vientiane Capital, responsible for General EEFA accounting and also General EEFA Office supervisor (Social work)


Indonesia+EEFA Boards 432Somchit Baramy: Board Member

Teacher, Military Retire.  An Visionary one day wanted to lead local community to do sustainable agriculture.                                                                                                               Monitor English classes in Phoudindaeng village and also responsible keeping relationship between EEFA and local Authorities in Phonepeng Village

Indonesia+EEFA Boards 437Khamphouy Frichitthavong: Board Member

Ex reporter from Vientiane Capital, responsible for Monitor EEFA Education. Writing news on EEFA association.


Indonesia+EEFA Boards 439Viengxay Phounsana: Board Member

Body builder trainer, Artist  (acrylic  painter), Landscape designer, A chef at his own restaurant Art Rock bar & Restaurant near by Vangvieng hospital.  In charge all of EEFA activities. Founder of Naxay Eco Village project which part of EEFA project.
Daovone Phonemanichae: Adviser 
Daovone (Dao) was responsible for overseeing the EEFA’s daily office activities. He handles the logistical planning, directing, implementing, and strategizing of projects, marketing, and services. Additionally, Dao serves as a student mentor and substitute teacher in Vang Vieng North from 2009-2012.  Currently Coordinating both international NGO and local NGO (NPA none profit association) in Vientiane Capital.

Mrs. Keokhampai Phengsaiya: Honorable Member

EEFA co-founder, Mrs. Keokhampai was the director of Pakpo Primary School. She was on leave from EEFA until retirement. A retired teacher after more than 20 years she continues as a member of the EEFA board since February 2011.

Mrs. Lanoy Phengsaiya: Honorable Member
Mrs. Lanoy is a teacher at Pakpo Primary and was a member of the EEFA board from February 2011 to June 2014.

Mrs. Ket Vannatham: Honorable Member
Mrs. Ket has been a member of the EEFA board since February 2011. She is an advisor.

Hayone Solangkoun: 

Hayone: Honorable member

She is the manager of the Organic Farm restaurant and was a past Board  Director of EEFA.

Mrs. Phengvanh Sikaisone: Board Member

Co-owner of Vangvieng Organic Farm. Officer of EEFA.