Pakpo school renovation

January 24, 2012 in slideshow

Many thanks to the L.A.O.S (Laos Academic Opportunity Scheme) organization for the renovation of Pakpo Primary School. During the middle of January, Pakpo school received new blackboards for each classroom, running water again, and a new wall built between two classrooms which previously was divided by wooden dividers. The much needed renovation was headed by Robyn and John Salisbury, the founders of L.A.O.S. Robyn had gone to Pakpo to teach the students English and saw that the blackboards were broken and dirty. She and John decided to repair the blackboards but did not stop there. Robyn and John went on to provide funding to repair the water system so the children can have running water again and to build a wall between two classrooms in order to substantially cut down the sounds interfering from the other classroom.

Continuation of Pakpo’s renovation is dependent on certain terms such as keeping the school and school grounds clean for one year. After one year, Robyn and John will return to see if promises were kept and if so, they will paint the school for Pakpo.

We would like to express our deep gratitude to the founders of L.A.O.S, Robyn and John Salisbury. L.A.O.S receives its funding primarily through fundraising efforts done in Australia and a private donor. Because of their organization and donors, Pakpo school now has new blackboards, running water, and a classroom wall! Thank you!

A typical blackboard in Pakpo before renovation.

Robyn and children from Pakpo sanding the new blackboard.