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Everyday, 500 Lao kids learn English, health and environmental protection with the foreign & Lao volunteers of Equal Education For All (EEFA).

Our action

Equal Education For All (EEFA) is a Lao, non-political, non-religious, non-profit association dedicated to Education, Health and Sustainable Development in Vang Vieng District, Lao P.D.R.. Sustainable development requires a holistic approach. The action of EEFA is focused on 4 pivotal, interdependent domains:


She loves her dog, she likes football and she is a bit shy when she stands at the blackboard. Like a lot of our students. 

The EEFA teachers, our volunteers, you, teach them English everyday and help them be more self-confident. 

We primarily teach English and thus give locals the possibility to better interact with foreigners from all over the world and in particular, to better communicate and cooperate with nationals from the other countries of the ASEAN.

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You may wonder why this student of ours is so proud of his shining smile that he so elegantly underlines.

Because he learned how to brush his teeth with EEFA. Like several hundreds of other kids, who smile at us a lot.

With our EEFA Sports project we keep our students and friends fit, and through dedicated workshops we address various health issues. We are currently focussed on general hygiene, dental care, nutrition, alcohol & drug misuse.

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On each EEFA site, a lot of tools (potential weapons…) are constantly used by our highly skilled employees.

Without our pleasant and friendly work atmosphere, who knows what horror could happen there every day??

As an employer, EEFA focuses on pleasant & fair work conditions and on access to medical care for the employees and their families. We also offer numerous opportunities to develop new skills, and to use them.

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Our toilets transform what you kindly produce there into very useful things. That’s crazy and so cool!

For instance, our toilets produce cooking gas that we use in the kitchen. So please visit us and use them a lot!

Each EEFA project site is constantly working
towards improving its sustainability in order to be a model for locals and visitors, and is also developing programs to raise awareness
for environmental issues.

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Our identity

Find out more about our team, our evolution, our mission & ethics and about our partners.


Our former volunteers testify:

One of the best experiences in my life, met great people and learned so much from Lao people.

EEFA really feels like a great family, i’ll be back for sure.
Thank you!

 Nelson M. 

I can’t recommend volunteering at EEFA enough. It was one of the best experiences I’ve had while travelling, and wish I’d stayed more time there. 

I will treasure the memories and friends I made there!

Justine L.
(United Kingdom)

3 weeks at EEFA who have gone so fast, a great human experience with Laos and other volunteers.

We must continue to help children learn English, so thank you all of you for this wonderful experience!

Élodie C.

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